Town Brook & Daylighting

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Some Links related to Daylighting (last updated 2009)

Uploaded Photos

River Uncovered (NEPRWA)

New Light on the Neponset (Guess who led the 'interdisciplinary design team'!)
Article referred by the above link

Mass DEP Report Discusses Daylighting
Stream Restoration Technical Information (from Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project )
'New Life for Buried Streams' , the Key Reference for Daylighting Projects Worldwide

Mass Div Fish & Wildlife::
Stream restoration through small dam removal
River Restoration (scroll to the bottom of the page)
Tech Report TR30 'Smelt Spawning Habitat' (Brad Chase) See p85 for Fore River & Quincy
Daylighting of a culvert at Minuteman National Historic Park

Some Links related to the Hancock Parking Lot

Patriot Ledger 2004 Article on January Meetings
Patriot Ledger 2004 Article on March Meetings